Dt. Alp Yıldıran

Graduating from the Faculty of Dentistry at Marmara University in 2013, the doctor has a strong academic foundation in dentistry. Following their education at Giresun Anadolu Teacher High School, they commenced their dentistry career with a bachelor's degree from this prestigious university in Istanbul.

In 2014, the doctor began their professional journey as a dentist at Hospitadent, where they were responsible for patient examinations, diagnosis, and treatment planning. Over five years, they played a key role in the implementation of treatments, gaining extensive experience.

In 2018, they assumed the position of Chief Physician at the same institution, taking on more comprehensive responsibilities such as clinic management, general coordination, and the supervision and coordination of staff. They continued to carry out duties related to patient examination and the creation of treatment plans.

Serving as the Chief Physician at Hospitadent in Istanbul, Turkey, the doctor has demonstrated their skills in both dentistry and administrative roles.

Dt. Alp Yıldıran - Dentist

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