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Compared to other tooth replacement options that only repair the visible parts of missing teeth, dental implants are among the most ideal ones as they replace both the roots and crowns of lost teeth. A good implant dentist will walk you through each step of a dental implant-supported tooth replacement plan, outlining what each treatment will cost and helping you afford this beneficial tooth replacement option.

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    At Clinic Prime Istanbul, you are in the hands of an expert team of doctors that have extensive knowledge in dental implant treatment and is known for its uncompromising quality.

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    Turkey offers the best dental tourism experience, so you can maintain all your regular life routines, while enjoying a high-quality and all-inclusive dental implant treatment.

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Straumann Implant Passport: Your Global Smile Assurance

Embrace your new life with Straumann dental implants, the global leader in implant technology. Our Implant Passport affirms a lifetime of confidence and care, backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Trusted in over 70 countries, you're assured of expert care for your implants anywhere your journey takes you. This passport, detailing your implant's specifics, also guarantees the availability of parts for years. It's not just a record; it's your peace of mind and a commitment to your smile's longevity, wherever life leads you.

Straumann Implant Passport

Dental Implants, According to Your Needs

Various Implant Options

Each case and each treatment is unique. Clinic Prime Istanbul works with many top implant brands, and our doctors offer the perfect implant brand considering your needs and wishes.

All-on-Four Treatment

All-on-Four (or All-on-X) treatment is a revolutionary dental implant procedure that can transform your smile. The All-on-Four treatment in Turkey has helped many patients save up to 50% on their dental implant costs.

Same Day (Immediate) Implants

Immediate implants are a type of dental implant that can be inserted in one single visit. The patient does not need to wait for the implant to heal before getting it implemented.

Why Choose Turkey for Dental Implants?

Turkey's unmatched hospitality, combined with cost efficient high quality dental services always creates a unique vacation experience.

Clinic Prime Istanbul is dedicated to raise these already-high standarts by providing the ultimate dental care experience. During your visit, you can experience Istanbul's legendary history, cuisine or nightlife; whatever way you like it!


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Our experienced consultants will walk you through each step of your travel with great care. Clinic Prime Istanbul’s great location allows easy access from the airport and many 5-Star hotels.

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